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Deploying the Pediatric Emergency Decision Support System (PEDSS)


The Pediatric Emergency Decision Support System (PEDSS) is a sophisticated analytical tool to generate accurate estimates of injured children in a disaster, and to assist in emphasizing children's special needs. We are adapting the PEDSS earthquake module to Haiti and its disaster profile, thus generating authoritative best-practices-based recommendations on medical supplies, equipment, pharmaceuticals, and personnel requirements for childrens' needs in the disaster.

The Pediatric Emergency Decision Support System (PEDSS) was developed in collaboration with Childrens Hospital Los Angeles' Pediatric Disaster Resource and Training Center, for which Dr. Jeffrey Upperman is the Director and Dr. Robert Neches the Informatics Thrust Leader from USC Information Sciences Institute.

Approximately 35% of Haiti's population is under 15. It's been estimated that as many as a million children were orphaned or abandoned -- even before the disaster hit. Thus, the earthquake is a disaster of the highest magnitude, and children represent a major class of victims.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Current TV Report on Children in Haiti

Children Orphaned in Haiti: Raw Video
Over one week since a catastrophic earthquake turned what was already a desperately poor part of the world into a full fledged humanitarian emergency, the staff of an orphanage in the Haitian capital of Port-au Prince are trying to figure out what to do with all the children who have recently lost their families.

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